Hurry up and come slow down with us here in Louisiana's breathtaking Atchafalaya Basin. You're sure to enjoy our serene lodgings located on the stunning waterways in America's largest river swamp, Contact us today and let Cajun Houseboats & Rentals help you plan your next vacation to the great Louisiana Bayou!  

About Us

How We Got Started

My grandparents lived "off of the land" by trapping, fishing, and cutting timber in the swamps and bayous if Southern Louisiana know as the Atchafalaya Basin. There were ten children--five boys and five girls--born and raised on the houseboat you see above. They survived by towing it wherever they could make a living.

So, I told my assistant to post an online advertisement announcing, "Houseboat Rentals Coming Soon!" At the time, I had no idea of how powerful the internet was. I assumed that people residing no further from here than Baton Rouge or New Orleans might be interested in seeing firsthand what we Cajuns love about our wetlands.

To my surprise, we were immediately received email inquiries...from all over the world! People living out-of-state and even foreign countries were asking to be put on the waiting list. So, as I proudly tell people: Cajun Houseboats & Rentals started by a happy accident.

This is picture of the houseboat that I have grew up in.
This is picture of the houseboat that I have grew up in.